Hi, I'm Khaja J., a Life & Success Coach in South Florida. I'm also a healer, manifestation coach, choreographer, creative director, investor, and social entrepreneur. Phew! Haha. I pride myself in bringing beautiful people from all walks of life, as well as current and aspiring professionals, to clarity in life purpose, business administration, and respective personal development goals for the benefit of a positive, and ultimately more successful, lifestyle. Join me as we heal, grow, cultivate, and prosper as a community, supporting and uplifting each other along the way.


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Khaja J.

AMPYOU: Masters Of Elevation

The Masters of Manifestation Course is an extension of A.M.P.YOU providing valuable insight regarding proven manifestation methods for personal and professional growth. Participants will experience training in discovery, continuation of life purpose and cultivation of business development in all fields including proper goals setting and solutions to the direct implementation of short/long term objectives.


Expect exponential growth particularly with manifesting your desired results into your physical reality and starting, transforming your business into a success magnet while utilizing profitable techniques.

AMPYOU:  Elevation 

The Elevation Course is an extension of A.M.P.YOU providing direct tools to positively elevate our emotional and spiritual needs. Participants will experience healing through various sectors of their life thus meeting personal and professional successes and an increase in purposeful, intentional living while encountering acceptance and peace with past, present, and future endeavors. 


 Expect exponential growth particularly with establishing meaningful social relationships, improving personal self-development/ self-love practices, increasing professional, entrepreneurial achievements, and reaching a higher state of consciousness. 

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