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A  More Positive You!

Gain The Skills Needed To Heal Yourself For Good

FINALLY Overcome The Mental & Emotional Hurt
Robbing You Of Happiness

Can YOU Relate To Anyone of These?…

  • I feel like I’m stuck and I can’t progress in my life due to my past

  • I’m constantly overwhelmed by my emotions and it makes me feel unstable

  • I sometimes get angry and bitter when I remember situations from my past

  • I get emotionally triggered around certain people or situations and I don’t know why

  • Forming new friendships or relationships is difficult because I’m still hurt from my past

  • I walk around with a smile every day but deep down I’m hurting and it feels heavy


Take Back The Happiness YOU Truly DESERVE

1) Release yourself from the things that have been hurting you

2) Regain control of your emotions once and for all

3) Transform into the best version of yourself, trauma free :)

Meet Your Healing Coach

I help black millennials use the knowledge they already have within, to heal from past traumas and experiences.

Sitting Meditation

Who Do I Help

Unleash emotional trauma, secure your happiness, and become a more positive YOU

Black Millennials

 U-CAN  Healing Process

(Target Past Trauma & Heal Your Mind, Soul, And Body From Within)


  • Understand past and current traumatic experiences 


Step: 2 COME To Peace

  • Learn that life happens BOTH for us and with us


Step 3: ACCEPT

  • Embrace where we are and where we want to be



  • Create a personalized game plan to sustain healing and personal success long term

Support Group

Words From Past Clients…

One of my biggest takeaways from this program is understanding and knowing how to treat myself and others with more compassion. I've gained financial and emotional returns on all my investments.

  I highly recommend this program to everyone!

Jalon B.

Professional Dancer, Investor

 I was one of the first clients Khaja J. had before she launched AMPYOU to the public. I’ve seen monumental growth especially since I've

opened my beauty & cosmetic business. Of course, I’m still working with her!

This program has molded me into the woman I knew I could become.

Vicky C.