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Meet LC Khaja J.


#1 Healer, Manifestation Coach, Choreographer, Creative Director, Investor, and Social Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Khaja J.! I am an international Life & Success Coach currently in Brooklyn, New York. I'm also a healer, manifestation coach, choreographer, creative director, investor, and social entrepreneur. Join me as we heal, grow, cultivate, and prosper as a community, supporting and uplifting each other along the way.

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"The unravel and untangle period of healing ourselves, starts with us."

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One of my biggest takeaways from this program is understanding and knowing how to treat myself and others with more compassion. I've gained financial and emotional returns on all my investments.

  I highly recommend this program to everyone!

Jalon B.

Professional Dancer, Investor


 I was one of the first clients Khaja J. had before she launched AMPYOU to the public. I’ve seen monumental growth especially since I've

opened my beauty & cosmetic business. Of course, I’m still working with her!

This program has molded me into the woman I knew I could become.

Vicky C.



I’m proud to say I have successfully started my own blogging and consulting business that reaches hundreds (and soon thousands) daily. I had AMPYOU and Khaja J’s guidance and support through it all. These programs truly work. 

Lindsay F.

Marketing Specialist

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Let's talk guidance. Let's talk relationships. Let's talk!

These written experiences and dialogues will be notes you don't want to miss. 

“I would say my versatility, dedication, and passion are what would set me apart from the rest. Many people want to make a change in this world. How many people execute that goal? I am determined to make my mark and I love every step of the way as I do it.”  



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