LC Khaja J.

#1 Healer, Manifestation Coach, Choreographer, Creative Director, Investor, and Social Entrepreneur

Khaja J. is a monumental Life & Success Coach currently stationed in Brooklyn, New York. After retiring from many years as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, Ms. J. now uses her expertise in behavior and skill development to shape amazing souls worldwide.  She works internationally with clients of many ages and walks of life destined for discoveries full of love, commitment, and GROWTH.

       Amongst the role of being a well-sought life coach within the growing entrepreneurial and millennial community, she is also a healer, manifestation coach, choreographer, creative director, investor, and social entrepreneur. She has assisted hundreds of clients personally in healing past/current trauma and organizing successful business administration all while highlighting personal development.

1% increase is progress, and progress is success.

Khaja J.