Are you ready to Heal?

A Woman Writing by the Window


We can all agree we want to know how to heal from our past traumas and experiences. Despite the barriers many know to exist, the real problem is thinking we lack the knowledge to heal from our past experiences when the knowledge is actually already within us. Yet, we can agree that with experience comes wisdom. That’s why, to achieve the goal, we must analyze our past so that we can take charge of our future. We can do this with my U-CAN process: 


(1) Untangle and understand our experiences. 

(2) Come to peace with them and learn that life happens both for us and with us.

(3) Accept where we are and where we want to be. 

(4) Navigate our future purposefully. Not only does this process achieve our goal, it also allows us to intentionally design a life where we are happy and fulfilled.



If you are struggling with or disoriented by…


  • traumatic experiences in family

  • romantic/platonic relationships 

  • or other situational and environmental traumas 


That has led to


anxiety, substance abuse, consistent self-doubt, fear, depression, inferiority complexes, or other unwanted mental, emotional, and/or physical side effects, then the UCAN process is calling your name. Healing with the systems of A More Positive You teach.