Why life coaching?

Why life coaching?


Working on a project, business idea, marketing plan of interest? Care to reestablish relationships or take care of your mental and spiritual health? Wanting to increase/maintain professional and/or personal stamina in whatever endeavor you’d like?

Sure, you could work on all of these aspects of your life independently or with friends and like- minded individuals (I would encourage this). However, a highly recommended course of action would be to find a coach, mentor, or guide that has been in the shoes you seek to fill.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach’s aim (especially regarding A More Positive You) is to get you to the finish lines of your goals, dreams, ambitions, and purposes at a faster pace than one naturally would through the arts of character building, delivering expert guidance in a broad range of fields (the guided principles are quite applicable to all fields), and MOST importantly, life coaches become a constant amongst other variables that sky rocket dedicated individuals to desired successes.

How is life coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is normally centered along healing past/current traumas and relationship difficulties. Life coaching, if specified, may target these priorities in a plan, however, a life coach is typically contracted to individuals whose mental healths are average and or above stable. If qualified and trusted, life coaches may deliver therapy-like services along with their sessions.

What is the responsibility of a life coach?

A life coach's responsibility is to get the ball rolling for their clients in a most-positive direction setting specifically targeted goals along the way, to help take them to where they want to be. It is still the responsibility of the client to implement tactics and head the guided words of their coach in order to make the necessary changes when manifesting success.

How does having a life coach benefit me?

Think of coaching as consulting. In consulting, you’re assisted by an individual with high bars of expertise in specific fields of focus. Life coaches will do exactly this, assist greatly. However, a life coach’s range of focus is typically broader, multiply-faceted, and a life coach is likely to help improve one’s life in personal and private affairs as well. Most coaching clients seek a coach because they want to make a change and would appreciate a skilled guide to help steer them along a favorable path.